Fiitas White Water Filters for Brita Filter Cartridges Fits Brita Maxtra+


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  • [Compatible Model]: Compatible with Brita Maxtra + Plus, Brita Marella, Marella XL, Marella Cool, Style, Style XL, Elemaris XL, Aluna, Aluna Cool, Mavea Elemaris Jug


  • [Reduce the smell and improve the taste of drinking water]: The filter contains granular activated carbon, which ensures efficient filtration, effectively adsorbs excess chlorine and other substances that can affect the taste of the water. This achieves efficient filtration and improves the taste and consistency of the drinking water. The filtered drinking water helps to fully unfold the aroma of tea and coffee and improve the taste.


  • [Limescale Reduction]: Activated carbon particles effectively adsorb lead and copper in the water that can cause limescale deposits, ensuring purer drinking water while reducing the production and build up of limescale and extend the life of your equipment.


  • [FOOD GRADE TUV CERTIFIED MATERIAL]: The activated carbon is made of natural coconut shell, which is safe and healthy, food grade quality. The additional filter net helps reduce the leakage of powder. Certified by several authorities, it provides efficient filtration so you and your family can drink healthy, pure water while reducing the use of plastic water bottles, which benefits the protection of the environment


  • [LONG LASTING PROTECTION]:One filter can work for up to four weeks and can meet the whole family’s drinking water needs with peace and affordability. We also offer excellent customer service, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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